Advertisers pay for and publish advertising in order for it to be displayed in products - online games, software, online services.


Donators - donate money because they like to use one or more products distributed free of charge or on a principle Shareware.

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Thank you for donating one hundred / thousand / millions of dollars / euros for research and development and new projects of NXi


Sponsors - transfer money to support a team of scientists, programmers, designers and engineers to accelerate updates and production of new products.

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Thank you for sponsorship support one hundred / thousand / millions of dollars / euros for research and development and new projects of NXi


We annonce new android app to Investors coming in 2021. Promise 10% to investors per month. stay tuned.

Old app also here:

investors - buy Xerium cryptocurrency shares with the expectation that the rate of the Xerium cryptocurrency will increase in the future. investors can redeem Xerium shares in cryptocurrency from other investors. the amount of Xerium currency is limited and the corporation promises that new volumes will not be issued, and the currency itself will be suitable for use in online games and services of the NXi corporation.

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Xerium cryptocurrency can be bought through the exchange DEX and Waves.Exchange. NXi corporation value - billions of dollars. Buy Xerium right now - bright idea!


Consultants,Speakers,Tutors - help corporations with expertise, each in their area of expertise. The work of consultants is revered as scientists and in some places appears in the credits of games and products, but is not paid. often consultants become sponsors or investors, but there are consultants who are not rich enough to become sponsors or investors, but consultants invest their knowledge in the success of projects. the consultant must have a university degree, an academic degree, or extensive practical experience. In addition, consultants can be members of professional or national associations. consultants have the right to be speakers at official events and teach at webinars. tutors able to make lections in corporate e-learning platform.

New projects

NXi team has a lot of know-how and useful ideas. we really want to do another hundred projects. from the operating system and software to scientific developments for logistics, space and energy. we do not release project details prior to their release. sponsors and investors who have invested enough money in projects receive a mailing list once a quarter about the status of projects. already completed projects are published on the corporation's web resources. we have both very small projects that require small investments in research and development, and gigantic scientific projects that require huge investments. it is obvious that such projects can see the light only if the entire globe and people from all countries and continents try to unite and sponsor these new NXi's projects. no matter how much millions dollars or euros you transfer to NXi, support Reserch & Development of NXi corporation. Togeather, nothing is impossible!